Sacred Space for Fat Bodies

Infinifat Accessibility and Inclusivity Consulting Services

Cost is $200.00 and includes initial needing, exhaustive analysis, report/rating, and report review discussion. 

Are you working to make your product, service, or location accessible to any person, no matter their size? I’d love to help you! Let’s talk about your goals and come up with a plan! I’ll do an overview of your products, services, or location, compile an exhaustive report, and we will meet to discuss it.


Infinifat Accessibility and Inclusivity – Execution Support

Cost is $100.00/hr. and includes any ongoing work we do together to execute recommendations given in the analysis and the report.

So I’ve reviewed your business, product, service, or location. I’ve created your report and we’ve reviewed it.

Now it’s time to work toward the execution of the recommendations I’ve suggested. I’m here to help you make it happen.



“I hired Angel because she offered exactly what I was looking for – an objective, third-party assessment of my ongoing work. Accessibility has always been important to me, but Angel helped me understand where my offers were lacking and how I could easily improve them. She also affirmed the features of my services that were already accessible, and helped me feel more confident about proudly offering my services to clients of every size and ability. I highly recommend Angel as a consultant for any business who seeks to be inclusive, HAES-aligned, and fat-positive.” – Sarah Petty, MS, CNS, CPT, and Owner of Empowered Health with Sarah Petty